Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Online Banking Questions

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Middleton Community Bank's ABA Routing Number: 075912783

Q: What is Online Banking?

A: Online Banking allows you to view your Middleton Community Bank account information. Online Banking also allows you to:
  • Transfer funds between your Middleton Community Bank accounts
  • View transaction history
  • Make loan payments
  • Print copies of statements
  • View check images
  • Pay bills online
  • Receive account alerts
Q: How do I enroll in Online Banking?
A: Simply go to the Online Banking Enroll page. If you are a consumer, (1) please click on the link provided, (2) identify yourself online, and (3) enter the required information. Enrollment is immediate. If you are a Middleton Community Bank business customer, you will need to complete an enrollment form that can be mailed or faxed to us. Or simply visit one of our branch locations to enroll. Middleton Community Bank will send you an Online ID and Password to use when logging on the system the first time.

During the first-time login, you will be asked to select a personal image/watermark which will display during your online session. You will be prompted to create your own unique password. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain alpha, numeric and special characters.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: You can reset your password by using the ‘Forgot your Pasword?’ function. To enable this function you must enter a personal question, answer and email address in the Options Menu. If you get locked out of Online Banking, click the ‘Forgot your Password?’ link on the login screen and enter your current Online ID and email address. Within a few minutes you will receive an email that will guide you through establishing a new password. You can also call us at 608-824-3210 to reset your password.

Q: How current is my account information?
A: Online banking offers you the most current balance and transaction information available. Most account information will show immediately as transactions are processed throughout the day.

Q: What is the difference between the current balance and available balance? 
A: Your current balance is the account balance at the end of the last business day. Your available balance reflects funds in your account available for immediate use. Pending transactions that have not yet posted to your account may affect your available balance. Pending transactions are identified as “MEMO” items in the transaction description in online banking. For example, when a merchant obtains authorization from us to approve your purchase, this pending transaction will affect your available balance and will show as a “MEMO” item. Once the final transaction from the merchant is processed/settled (also known as posted), the amount will be reflected in your current balance.

Q: Why is there a one dollar transaction on my account?
A: Some merchants will preauthorize a debit card to ensure that it is a valid and active account, essentially placing a $1 hold on your account. The preauthorization amount will remain until the merchant submits the actual amount of the transaction for payment and it posts to your account. Once the payment posts, the $1 preauthorization will come off your account. This process could take 2 to 3 business days.

Q: How late in the day can I initiate a funds transfer between by Middleton Community Bank accounts?
A: All online banking transfer requests received before 6:00 p.m. (CT) on a business day will be processed that day.

For more details, contact our Deposit Operations Department at 608-824-3210. 

Bill Payment Questions

BillPay+ and Business BillPay+ Demos/User Guides

Q: What is Bill Payment?
A: Bill Pay is an online service that allows you to make payments to anyone, anywhere in the United States from your Middleton Community Bank checking account. Bill Pay allows you to build a unique personal Payee List online and schedule payments to be made one time, in the future, or on a recurring schedule. Bill Pay not only saves you time, by not having to write those checks and making trips to the mailbox, it also saves you money in the cost of stamps and the money you could save in late fees.

Q. How do I enroll in Bill Payment?
A: To enroll in Bill Payment, log in to your online banking, click the Bill Pay tab and click "Enroll."

Q: How late in the day can I enter, edit or delete a payment?
A: You may add, edit or delete payments before 2:00 p.m. CST on a business day.

Q: When will the payee get the money?
A: To ensure on-time payments, allow at least 2 business days for electronic payments and 5 business days for payments that will be sent by check.

Q: How do I schedule a reoccurring payment?
A: Click on Bill Payment > New Payment > Add Payment (the tab defaults to Quick Payment, but Add Payment will give the "Frequency" option to schedule reoccurring payments)

Q: How long is my bill payment history retained? 
A: Bill payment history is available for 19 months.

For more details, contact our Deposit Operations Department at 608-824-3210. 

eDocs Questions

eDocs Disclosure
How to Enroll in eDocs

Q: What are eDocs?
A: eDocs are the safe, secure way to view, search, save or print your account statements and notices! No more need to save piles of them when a copy is just a few clicks away. Eliminate clutter, help reduce paper waste and save a tree! eDocs are available for checking, savings, money market accounts and loans. For your convenience, we will send you email reminders whenever a new eDoc is available. Statements and notices are available in PDF, HTML and Text formats.

Q: How do I enroll in eDocs?
A: Signing up is quick and easy! Just login to Online Banking and click on the eDocs tab or click here for instructions.

Q: How long are my eDocs available through Online Banking?
A: eDocs are available for 18 months.

Q: Are eDocs secure?
A: You will have the same security that you enjoy now as a Middleton Community Bank Online Banking customer. 

Q: If I currently have my checking and savings accounts combined on one statement will I still be able to view them that way once I enroll for eDocs?
A: When you have enrolled in eDocs, what you see on your statement for enrolled accounts will not change. You will continue to see the same account information you have been used to seeing.

Q: What if I want to print my statement or notice?
A: Statements and notices can be printed in any of the following formats: PDF, HTML, or TXT. You will need access to a printer and then need to choose the format that suits your needs.

Q: How long can I view my statements and notices online? 
A: Statements will be available for you to view, print or save for 18 months after they are made available to you. 

Q: What are the benefits of enrolling in eDocs? 
A: You will typically have access to your statements and notices much faster. Instead of waiting one to two days for your paper statement or notice to be delivered in the mail, you will instead be alerted as soon as the bank has made your eDoc available for you to view. You won’t have to search for lost or misplaced documents. You can view 18 months’ worth of documents online and print them off at any time during that time. 

Q: What is the cost to enroll in eDocs?
A: There are no document delivery fees if you opt to receive your statement electronically.

Q: How do I un-enroll in eDocs?
A: Login to Online Banking and click on the eDocs tab, and un-check the accounts and documents you wish to start receiving paper for or click here for instructions.

Q: What is the cost if I un-enroll in eDocs?
A: A fee will be charged for the delivery of paper statements and can vary.

Q: What happens if I change my e-mail address after I enroll?
A: You can alert Middleton Community Bank of your new email address by changing it while logged into online banking and navigating to the Personal Settings under the Options Tab. It is important that you notify us if your email address has changed so that the eDocs delivery service will continue without interruption.

For more details, contact our Deposit Operations Department at 608-824-3210.